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Cranial Osteopathy for Common Problems in Babies

Do you suffer because your baby does?

Cranial Osteopathy can effectively treat many common problems in babies, such as Colic, Crying, Irritability, Unsettled Sleep and Feeding Difficulties. These problems can usually be attributed to the stress of birth, as during this time a baby is subjected to enormous forces. Cranial Osteopathy can be used to release these tensions and distortions, through specific and gentle pressure, allowing the baby to relax and become happier and more settled. Early treatment is advisable, as it can also help to prevent problems that may arise later as the result of a difficult birth. It is never too early to treat.

Cranial Osteopathy is extremely effective in the treatment of babies; but can be beneficial at any age and can be used to treat older children for Developing Posture, Aches and Pains, Growing Pains and Headaches

If you think your child could benefit from this type of treatment, please call us for a Free Consultation on 01384 375271.

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