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Tongue Tie Specialist at Stourbridge Osteopathic Clinic

Leanne is our tongue tie baby specialist at Stourbridge Osteopathic Clinic

A typical day for our tongue tie specialist

Another busy day yesterday with Leanne’s baby clinic flat out. A midwife of 15 years, Leanne has specialised in tongue tie for the past 10 years and now lectures on the subject.

Fascinating how such a small problem can cause such feeding issues yet can be rectified within seconds.

A comprehensive case history then a thorough examination will confirm the tongue tie diagnosis then the treatment options will be discussed and the small risks involved, what to expect in the coming days both in terms of the healing area and feeding.  Also advice will be given about signs you can use to identify the wound is healing without reattachment and the various current recommendations for after-care.

Typical example seen at the clinic

Classic tongue tie baby image

Classic tongue tie baby image

The majority of cases require a simple procedure known as a FRENULOTOMY  which is a simple surgical procedure done without anesthesia.

Leanne will examine the lingual frenulum and then use sterile scissors to snip the frenulum free. The procedure is quick and discomfort is minimal since there are few nerve endings or blood vessels in the lingual frenulum.

If any bleeding occurs, it’s likely to be only a drop or two of blood. After the procedure, a baby can breast-feed immediately.

If you have any queries or wish to book an appointment please call Leanne on 07495 314516


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