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Hypnotherapy Treatment

Hypnotherapy Treatment is commonly used to treat weight problems, smoking and other addictions, fears and phobias, stress and anxiety and insomnia. It can also be used to treat a wide range of other less commonly treated problems a list of which can be found by following this link.

How does curative hypnotherapy treat these conditions?

Curative hypnotherapy allows the patient to have access to their subconscious/instinctive mind. During therapy the patient is able to identify the reason(s) why their subconscious is responding in such a way that it is producing undesirable or negative symptoms. This is achieved by viewing the original event that led to these subconscious responses. The patient can then use all of their knowledge that has been gained from the intervening years to establish whether the response at the time of the original event was the most appropriate. It is then possible to change the response to the original event and therefore all future responses, should they wish to, leading to a resolution of the problem and all resulting symptoms. The patient may then wish to explain to the therapist the subconscious causes for their condition if they so desire. This is in line with the principles of ‘content free’ hypnotherapy, where there is no obligation for the patient to reveal the details of past events to the therapist.

What does curative hypnotherapy feel like?

During therapy the patient feels deeply relaxed and calm, it is very pleasant and enjoyable, similar day dreaming or meditation, only your awareness will actually be heightened. It is important that Curative Hypnotherapy is not confused with stage hypnotism where the participant appears to have no control. This is entirely misleading; stage hypnotism is a magic trick based on hypnosis. At every point in curative hypnotherapy the patient is in complete control and aware of what is happening. During therapy we don’t make suggestions for the patient to follow but if we were to, the patient could quite easily ignore it and choose to return to a normal state of awareness, terminating the session if they wished.

What does our subconscious mind do?

The subconscious mind controls aspects of our behaviour and perceptions that we are not consciously aware of. Most importantly for therapy the subconscious is responsible for our emotional responses and the autonomic processes e.g. the digestive, endocrine and nervous systems that lead to the correct functioning of the immune system and all of our bodily functions. So if we want to change the functioning of any of these we need to work with the subconscious.

Do I have to believe in curative hypnotherapy for it to work?

No, unlike conventional medicine where there is great belief and therefore significant placebo effect, with curative hypnotherapy the normal approach is one of ‘giving it a try’. There is therefore little placebo effect but this hasn’t affected the success rates found in research which can be sourced either from our research page or from following the links on our further research.

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