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Osteopathy treatment clinic

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a natural system of health care using manual methods of diagnosis and treatment designed to work alongside orthodox medicine that enables an effective and safe return to health.

It utilises the direct relationships between the bony articulations & the neuromuscular system, to restore mobility and physiological harmony between the moving parts. It utilises a variety of techniques including soft tissue mobilisation, ligamentous stretch techniques and high velocity short amplitude manipulations. It no longer works on the principles of bones being out of place, more that the normal structural relationships between the body parts is an essential requirement for health.

The approach to Manipulative techniques in Osteopathic terms, focuses on the teaching of skills and hand holds which ensure operator and patient safety, control, specificity and effectiveness. Manipulations should be gentle, not painful and specifically non-torsional, using multiple components. High velocity low amplitude techniques can provide rapid local mechanical changes, as well as wider more far reaching effects throughout the circulatory, neuromuscular skeletal and other systems in the body encompassed within Osteopathy.

Osteopathy treatable conditions

  • Ankle, hip, knee and foot problems

  • Spondylosis

  • Arthritis

  • Sports injuries

  • Jaw pain

  • Tennis & golfers elbow

  • Back pain and neck pain

  • Trapped nerves & sciatica

  • Elbow, shoulder, hand and wrist pain

  • Tight, sore and strained muscles

  • Slipped/prolapsed/herniated disc

  • Headaches

Osteopathy for Children

In older children, headaches, posture problems, glue ear and aches and pains associated with growing can be treated with cranial osteopathy. Please see our Cranial Osteopathy page.

Our Osteopathy Team

Peter Rees

Principal Osteopath

Peter was brought up in Stourbridge and following a rugby injury while at school, his parents took him to an Osteopath for treatment. It worked, and he decided to follow it as a career path. After an intensive four year degree course in London he qualified and was awarded his degree in 1986 by HRH Princess Anne. The photo is in reception showing a younger Peter!  He returned to Stourbridge and opened the clinic in 1986.  He subsequently did a degree in acupuncture, qualifying in 1993 and often combines osteopathy and acupuncture in his treatments.  He enjoys rugby and cooking for the family.


Ree Hyde

Registered Osteopath

Ree studied for her Master of Osteopathy degree at Oxford Brookes University obtaining Distinction, the highest possible level achievable. In addition to this.  Since graduating, has gone on to also become qualified as a Medical Acupuncturist.

Her treatment approach is based on the fundamental principles of Osteopathy, which focus on the body as a single unit, identifying and treating the source of dysfunction and pain, rather than just treating the symptoms; this approach aiding long-term results as opposed to just short-term relief.  

Ree likes swimming, tennis, cross-country running and martial arts plus Pilates. Her love of vintage motor-biking has taken her through Vietnam, Cambodia and Europe.